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Tricky EAC, EJC, O-ECC, O-TN-E, WV-E, TG-E, HP-E ~ Belgian Sheepdog

Loved by Cathy Horrocks


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So proud of Tricky for making the NADAC Top Ten by breed in 2014: 2nd Chances, 2nd Jumpers, 5th Regular, 3rd Tunnelers


RAT/BLAST September Trial - Ms. Tricky was awesome, very confident, happy and sometimes FAST and she did not want to leave! She came home with a Q in Elite Chances. We also had a beautiful run in Elite Regular which I thought was a Q but somehow had a 20 point fault! That upset me because that means something happened and I was unaware of it! That means I was disconnected somewhere, a case of BAD handler! What is worrying is that it was not videotaped and it seems nobody was watching the run so it will stay a mystery :-( Wish I knew what happened. Oh well!

ZAP June 2013 Trial - Saturday -Ms. Tricky Q'd 5 out of 7 runs. It's been a long time since we had that Q rate. We were a TEAM!!!!! And monsters were very few and far between. And she only tried to go around 1, YES only 1 jump all weekend! Sunday - only 1 Q but she tried so very hard, with a few clean runs but over time.

New title - Novice EXT Hoopers!!!

Almost 50% Q rate for the weekend (6 out of 13 runs) , not bad for my puppygirl that sees so many monsters. I only ran her 5 times on Sunday because she was very tired BUT she did the best she could on every run. One of the best weekends we have had in a long time. Oh and even though she never got to meet him she fell in love with Rizzo The BSD boy. Every time she saw him she would go all crazy, flirty girl!





Tricky earned 6 Elite Chances legs (completing her Outstanding Elite Chances title), 2 Open Jumpers legs (completing her Open Jumpers title), 9 Elite Regular legs (going towards her NATCH), 3 Elite Touch N Go legs, 3 Elite Tunnelers legs, 3 Elite Weavers legs (completing her Elite Weavers title with a bonus leg), & 1 Open Hoopers leg.

Tricky also made the 2011 Top Ten NADAC list for her breed in the following classes: Chances (1st place), Regular (1st place), Touch N Go (2nd place), Weavers (2nd place), & Tunnelers (5th place).



In 2010, Tricky earned 3 Open Chances legs (completing her Open Chances title), 3 Elite Chances legs (completing her Elite Chances title), 1 Open Jumpers leg, 5 Elite Regular legs (completing her Elite Regular title), 2 Open Touch N Go legs (completing her Open Touch N Go title), 3 Elite Touch N Go legs (completing her Elite Touch N Go title), 4 Elite Tunnelers legs (completing her Elite Tunnelers title), 1 Elite Weavers leg, & 1 Open Hoopers leg.

Tricky also made the 2010 Top Ten List by Breed List in: Tunnelers (1st place), Regular (2nd place), Touch N Go (2nd place), & Chances (3rd place).



Tricky earns 1 Novice Chances leg (completing her Novice Chances title), 1 Open Regular legs (completing her Open Regular title), 1 Elite Regular leg, 3 Touch N Go legs (completing her Novice Touch N Go title), 1 Touch N Go leg, 1 Open Tunnelers leg (completing her Open Tunnelers title), 1 Elite Tunnelers leg, 3 Novice Weavers legs (completing her Novice Weavers title plus a bonus leg), 3 Open Weavers legs (completing her Open Weavers title), & 2 Novice Hoopers legs (completing her Novice Hoopers title.



Tricky started competing in agility in June of 2008 (she was 20 months old).  By the end of 2008, she had earned 2 Novice Chances legs, 3 Novice Jumpers legs (completing her Novice Jumpers title), 3 Novice Regular legs (completing her Novice Regular title), 1 Open Regular leg, 3 Novice Tunnelers legs (completing her Novice Tunnelers title), 2 Open Tunnelers legs, 1 Novice Weavers leg, and 1 Novice Hoopers leg.