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Tazer NAC, NJC, TN-O, WV-N, HP-N~ German Shepherd

Loved by Cathy Horrocks

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Yeah for Tazer! She made the NADAC Top Ten by Breed for 2014 - 7th Tunnelers!



Tazer is showing how much she is growing up and able to calm herself more, still worries some but it's getting better. Some people don't know she shows her worry about making mistakes by barking and would think she is being 'bad'. But far from it she is not being 'bad' she lives to WORK with me and soooo wants to please me. I love that black GSD! So the answer to her barking is not to correct her but to make sure I stay calm and SUPPORT her when we are working, understanding she is giving me 110+% and I need to give the same. I felt we had our teamwork going yesterday, it felt 'GOOD' to run her. She came home with a Q in Open Hoopers and 1st place.

ZAP June 2013 Trial - Not a lot of Q's but some really nice work. She has been worried lately about her work but we will work thru that and I really like what I see and what she is becoming. Finished her Novice EXT Hoopers and Open Jumpers titles:

2 - 10 point Q's in EXT Hoopers with a 1st and 2nd place

1 - Q in Open Jumpers to finish her title with a 2nd place

Less barking and drum roll please...

She can hang out inside and wait for her turn in the ring LIKE A BIG GIRL!!! I see great improvement at each trial and I love that (no longer a babydog) Tazer girl! Even when I carry her out of the ring!



2012 is proving to be a great year for Tazer. She is growing up & maturing nicley. She has earned 4 Novice Regular legs, 1 Open Regular leg, 1 Novice Tunnelers leg (finishing her title), 2 Open Tunnelers legs, 2 Novice Weavers legs (finishing her title), 1 Open Weavers leg, and 2 Novice Hoopers legs so far.

I am so proud of my baby dog and look foward to many years of training, competing, and enjoying her company!



Tazer is just beginning her agility career in late 2011. She is fast, and can sequence several obstacles together, but our steering is still a work in progress. Despite this, we have earned 2 Novice Tunnlers and 1 Novice Weavers leg this year!