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Are you looking for a puppy or dog of a specific breed?  Below is a small list of suggested breeders.  We will continue to update this list, so check back often!

We always suggest that before you purchase a dog that you understand known health issues within the breed, research the breeder, and understand the expectations that the breeder has for you and the dog.

American Bulldogs: 

Sunstar American Bulldogs ~ www.SunstarAmericanBulldogs.com


American Staffordshire Terrier: 

Divinity Amstaffs ~ www.divinityamstaffs.com



FoxTail Beagles ~ www.foxtailbeagles.com Sheri Berndt-Smith & Darrell Smith, 206.972.7968
"Striving to produce quality beagles of sound movement, beautiful type and outstanding temperament."


Belgian Sheepdogs: 

Allure Belgian Sheepdogs ~ www.allurebelgians.com [email protected], 209-754-1672


German Shepherds: 

Hoehenluft German Shepherds ~ Lynne Lewis ~www.vondenhoehenluft.com ~ 253.732.1341
"Preserving the strength of character of the Working German Shepherd"



Willowbrook Havanese ~ www.willowbrookhavanese.com ~ [email protected]